Brainstorm: strategies for getting funded for "small" projects when your org is "big"

Hello Friends,

Recently we posted an RFP for projects for the ESIP Testbed (available here).  This RFP provides between $5,000-$7,000 for innovative and collaborative projects that originate from ESIP community members.  

A question came up regarding the difficulties of justifying "small" projects like this to one's managing organization - specifically, larger organizations won't support going after small funding opportunities because it isn't worth the administrative overhead, etc.

So a question to all of you with experience or ideas in this realm:  what are strategies for going after small funded projects when your organization typically supports larger ones?

Would love to hear from you!


jwyoung's picture

In the past, I was able to persuade an organization to go after an award in this range because it would foster new partnerships that may result in larger awards at a later time.  Essentially, I argued that the submission was worth the effort not because of the $$ amount but because of the relationships it would allow us to build outside of our traditional community if we were selected. 

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