Call for Testbed Projects, 2014 Testbed RFP

The ESIP Products and Services Committee with the ESIP Testbed Configuration Board are seeking proposals to carry out recently funded work to expand the ESIP Testbed. 
The Testbed serves as a forum for innovative collaboration across all sectors of the ESIP Federation by enabling Federation committees and clusters to develop, test, and improve availability and accessibility of member products and services.  This year, we encourage participants to offer solutions that do one or more of the following:
  • Further goals of committees, clusters and working groups by implementation of demonstration technologies using the ESIP Testbed resources and infrastructure
  • Build upon the initial research and work of a previous Testbed project
  • Leverage the Testbed to respond to a posted seeker project through the Thriving Earth Exchange (TEX -
Please see the 2014 Testbed RFP document for more specifics and instructions for how to propose.
Proposals may be submitted by any ESIP organization, an individual within such an organization, or a team of such individuals.  Civil servants are restricted from receiving ESIP funds.  Proposals may be submitted during and up to the consideration deadline for the fiscal year. For FY2014 projects, please submit your proposal by or before  April 30th, 2014.  All project work for FY2014 must be completed by September 30th, 2014. Proposals are reviewed on a first-come basis; there is no guarantee that a project will be funded but one's chances are better if submitted early.