ESIP 2012 Winter session planning

What are the Discovery Cluster topics?
One topic may be a recap of the charrette, joint breakout of discovery and ESC
Basic planning meeting, to plan goals for the next six months
Discuss plans for moving forward on the testbed
Workshop/breakout for GeoPortal demo or progress report
Need titles, main speakers, short abstract by next week for scheduling a winter meeting session
Proposed Sessions
a face-to-face meeting for wrapping up DCPs
New DCPs
DCP for error handling not discussed (but it is implied for OpenSearch to use HTTP error codes)
Casting demos
The theme is collaboration, how can casting/discovery conventions support collaboration
Ruth will be able to show next step beyond July demo (aggregating casts from distributed sources, making available to portal using OpenSearch)
Need to focus on demos/use cases that align with collaboration theme
Part of planning session: What are the implications for discovery conventions in the ESC?
How do we move forward on a more collaborative discovery cluster?
How can the discovery services meet the requirements of the ESC? (joint-session with ESC)
Winter meeting is shorter, so not as much time for demos/workshops
The ESRI demo/participation in Winter Meeting will be coordinated by the Discovery cluster
ACTION ITEM: Submit the abstracts for the Winter Meeting sessions


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