Portal Testing

//Due to upgrading, posted by cisc on behalf of the original author "k.keiser"

Guess we need a place to track testing results and feedback.  Here is a start...


   * created a new project (Grand Challenge) as k.keiser (developer privileges) - appeared to be successful

      * is there an approval process for new projects?  
      * the new project did not show up in the project tab pull down, or the list of "projects in progress"
      * logged in as kkeiser (member) and cannot see the new project
      * checked the user manual and did not see any mention of waiting for new projects to be approved.
      * should new projects automatically show up in the list of projects on the menu?  If not, how do they get promoted to that status?

Might also work to create a new project, maybe called "Testing" and let everyone file issues or comments to that project.  Thoughts?


The portal has now been migrated to the esipfed.org domain and is ready for testing.  Everyone should create accounts and begin testing.  There is a "Testing the Testebed" project that can be used to log issues that anyone encounters.  We can also discuss ideas in this forum topic.

thanks -Ken