Call for Testbed Projects, June 2015 Testbed RFPs

The ESIP Products and Services Committee is excited to announce TWO June Testbed call for projects. Each RFP, with its details and deadline, are listed below. 
  • Innovation Projects and Fast Track Projects - Due June 15, 2015: ESIP works through the Testbed to provide resources supporting projects throughout the project lifecycle. This June 15 call for projects is similar to previous calls, except that in addition to projects focused on innovative and collaborative implementation of new ideas and technologies, this RFP also includes the option to propose a fast-track project. Read the attached "2015_06_15_ESIP_Testbed_RFP.pdf" document to learn more about fast track projects, build project ideas, and see instructions for how to propose.
  • RFP for the Assessment of Prototype Projects - Due June 29, 2015: This is a new type of project that will focus on developing mechanisms for best practices in assessing existing Prototype-level projects. In this RFP, three NASA AIST projects are put forth for assessment. There is an expedited timelinle for the assessment work, as results will be used for another project call in the Fall. Read the attached "2015_06_29_Prototype_Testbed_RFP.pdf" document for details on how to propose.
Proposals may be submitted by any ESIP organization, an individual within such an organization, or a team of such individuals.  Civil servants are restricted from receiving ESIP funds.  Proposals may be submitted during and up to the consideration deadline.  Proposals are reviewed on a first-come basis; there is no guarantee that a project will be funded but one's chances are better if submitted early.
Feel free to send questions to the Testbed Configuration Board at [email protected].  
We're looking forward to some great projects from you all!



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