Semantically Matching Tools and Data Content: A TooMatch Use Case Extension

The ToolMatch project was based upon the idea of semantic matching of data collections and tools that could be used with those data collections.  Specifically, two use cases were developed for the service:

  1. Search for the tools that can be used with a given data collection, and then find out what the tool can do with the data collection.

  2. Search for collections that can be used with their tool, and capture information about what the data user would like to be able to do with their data.

The poster created and presented at the 2014 ESIP Summer Meeting was based upon the idea of an extension of the second use case.  This extension involves the semantic matching of data collection content with applicable tools.  This matching is stricter than than matching based upon information about the data collection, but the use case itself is broader in scope.  Ex: Given rainfall or topology measurements, determine which tools within a hyrdologoical model can be used with the data content.  This will allow the appropriate tools within the model to be used with the matching data collection content.

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